Do-No-Harm in Conflict Settings – Workshop

Between the 17th and the 19th of January, we implemented our introductory workshop “Do-No-Harm in Conflict Settings”. 

In the very beginning of this year, different actors of development cooperation came together in Berlin to learn about the Do-No-Harm approach, and participated in exercises on different aspects connected to this topic. The leading question was: “How can we make sure that we as actors of development cooperation contribute to peace instead of conflict?”.

The workshop also focused on exchanging practical experience about working in conflict-settings. More particularly, we created a space to talk about the challenges and problems participants are facing regarding the fear of doing harm in vulnerable development contexts, transcultural communication, lacking room for conflict regulation and hierarchies in their work settings. 

In order to approach the leading question, participants joined sessions on postcolonial studies, critical whiteness, nonviolent communication, and of course the do-no-harm-concept, among others.

The follow-up workshop will take place from February 7th to 9th in Berlin, and give participants the chance to apply the learned approaches and theories in the frame of the simulation game “Kodori”.