Egyptian youth taking part in a series of workshops to run for office in their constituencies

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, a capacity building workshop took place to empower Egyptian youth with the needed skills to take leading roles in society.

The first capacity building workshop under Working Package 4 of our project Y-LEAD took place from August 15th to August 20th,2020. Working Package 4 consists of a series of three different workshops which focuses on individual skills, such as agenda-setting and campaigning, fundraising and public speaking. During this first workshop, participants were introduced to different skills such as communication, negotiation and leadership skills.

It was a pleasure to see the high level of motivation and enthusiasm on behalf of the participants. We are very proud that despite the pandemic, we were able, together with our partners in Egypt, implement this workshop, and receive positive feedback from the participants.

The next workshop will take place in September, we hope that the participants build on what they learned and hopefully benefit from the second workshop. Stay tuned for updates.