Final Workshop of the Y-LEAD Working Package 3

We just conducted the last workshop of the Y-Lead Working Package 3: Realizing cross-sectoral-Local Initiatives

Over the course of the working package, we trained young civil society members to plan and conduct own initiatives in their governorates. After many weeks of project work, the project groups now gathered back in Cairo to reflect on their work and collectively plan next steps.

During the workshop, the beneficiaries again expanded their skillset: They learned Monitoring and Evaluation techniques, gave each other feedback and planned the reporting phase of their projects. The sessions emphasized the importance of ensuring sustainable impact of the projects.

We thank our partners from the Center for Development Services CDS Egypt for their excellent work. We wish our new trainers good luck and all the best.

Working package 3 is ending and its output seamlessly integrates into the broader vision of the Y-Lead project. We congratulate everyone involved for helping to strengthen the social fabric of the Egyptian CSO sector and further professionalize young civil society engagement in Egypt.