First meeting with the AG Planspiel from Verstärker Netzwerk and the Federal Agency for Civic Education Consultancy in Simulation Game development in discrimination-sensitive contexts

Last Thursday we had our first online meeting with the AG Planspiel from Netzwerk Verstärker that will be consulted by CRISP during the process of simulation game development about the topic of racism. 

The Netzwerk is a group of people in non-formal education and social work that are voluntarily working on new methods for their working field. With CRISP and a co-trainer from the Federal Agency for Civic Education, the group will develop a simulation game about the topic of racism and will get workshops about simulation games and discrimination-sensitive education. 

During our first meeting, we got to know the group and had a brief exchange about the goals and backgrounds of the participants. 

We are looking forward to the process and exchange with the group and are happy about the fruitful cooperation.