Online Fundraising for Nadi El Mohakah, Egypt

Nadi EL Mohakah aims to launch the first organization in the MENA region dedicated to develop and implement simulation games as an educational tool to increase active citizenship and to facilitate civic education.

Nadi EL Mohakah Foundation (NMF) is a youth group of over 150 passionate, young trainers and facilitator of non-formal education from 15 governorates in Egypt. NMF strives to empower Egyptian youth and enhance their civic participation through the method of simulation gaming.

Please consider supporting NMF-Registration process by contributing to the online-fundraising on zoomaal - click here.

Civic education in general and more specific, how to find adequate and effective methods to make complex social or political topics understandable is a big issue in Egypt, but also in the whole MENA-Region. NMF is focusing exactly on these needs. The vision of NMF is to support a society that is aware and capable of developing youth leadership with the participation from all sectors.

Its mission is to build the capacities of society members to raise their awareness, through interactive learning methods, to support their participation in the development of local communities, using self-sustainable approaches. The main target group of NMF is Egyptian youth with limited educational background or limited resources who live in areas that do not have many opportunities to participate in non-formal educational activities.

NMF aims to become the first organization in the MENA region dedicated to develop and implement simulation games as an educational tool to increase active citizenship and to facilitate civic education. The organizational structure is already in place. In 2018 the (informal) members of NMF elected a board of trustees and the treasurer, as well as a chairperson. Furthermore, coordinators for every governorate were appointed and a structure for internal communication was established and is already in use.

What’s missing at the moment is the official, legal registration of NMF as an Egyptian non-profit-foundation. This registration at the Ministry of Social Solidarity is actually needed to become fully operational. This is quite a challenge, as the registration requires 50.000 Egyptian Pounds (approx. 2.500 EUR). In parts this amount will be covered by the membership-fees, however this is unfortunately not enough.

In order to finally be able to register and to develop and implement more simulation games on topics that are relevant for youth in Egypt and the MENA-Region, NMF has launched an online fundraising campaign through Zoomaal. Zoomaal is an online crowd funding platform for the Arab world that makes it easier for creative projects to raise funds from the crowds.

On behalf of NMF, we’d kindly like to ask you for your financial support. Your funds will be for the official registration of NMF and that way will strengthen the Egyptian civil society on the long run. As civil society actors in Egypt are also confronted with the difficulties of shrinking spaces for getting together and actively engaging in the public sphere, NMF is much more than just “another NGO”. Against the trend our brave and highly motivated partners from NMF will establish a new civil society entity that aims to enlarge the available spaces for youth engagement and furthermore wants to create new ones on the local level.

We sincerely hope that the outlined idea of NMF is comprehensible and you do understand to have an innovative organization like NMF is essential to encourage youth in Egypt to more active participation in the public sphere. If yes, then please spread the word about NMF and its fundraising campaign and if possible please assist NMF with your financial support – all amounts matter.

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