Simulation Game on the conflict in "Syria"

In cooperation with our Partner Al Sharq we conducted a simulation on the conflicts in Syria for the „Heinrich Böll Foundation“.

The simulation game is centered around the negotiations on a zone of de-escalation in a fictitious region of Syria. The main objective is to create a better understanding for the conflict as such and to give the participants the chance to explore different options for stopping the violence in Syria.

The scenario is highly actors-centered. The participants took over the roles of state and non-state actors, armed groups and civil so­ciety. Thereby they got familiarized with the existing positions and interests. During the negotiation-rounds, the participants then try to find common ground for an agreement that facilitates solutions on important issues, like power-sharing, demobilization, distribution of resources and the fight against terrorism. In the end, the participants developed a roadmap to implement measures to stabilize the zone of de-escalation. In order to picture concrete future scenarios for Syria, they shared and discusses all used strategies after the simulation game.

We would like to thank our partner and the participants for the committed work.