Workshop on the Practical Application of Conflict Transformation Methods

During October 22-24, our team held a workshop “Working in Conflict-Sensitive Contexts – Methods of Conflict Transformation in Their Practical Application”.

The weekend-long training in Berlin gathered young professionals active in development and humanitarian work, willing to improve the quality of their work by applying principles and tools of conflict transformation.

During the first day, participants learned about conflict transformation, its main concepts, like conflict, peace and violence. Then they were introduced to conflict analysis tools to empower them with necessary practical instruments for their professional activities. We combined theoretical inputs and practical application of introduced notions or tools. 

Next day, participants took part in a simulation game “Kodori”. The setting describes a conflict between two ethnicities on a fictional island, and workshop participants took over the roles of different stakeholders and negotiated possible independence of the region Kodori. The processes and dynamics of the simulation game showed the complexity of peacebuilding and how topics and instruments from Day I can be applicable for real-life work with conflicts.

Sunday morning was devoted to stress resilience techniques as working with conflicts and in conflict-sensitive situations directly influences peacebuilders, and which makes stress management and self-care important aspects to learn in their work.

The workshop offered space for exchanging professional practical experience in conflict situations. Participants got an opportunity to shape the training content based on their needs, open questions and experiences from their work in conflict-sensitive contexts.