Y-LEAD: Meeting with Ministry of Youth and Sports to coordinate efforts and official agendas.

On behalf of CRISP and CDS, Andreas Muckenfuss and Hesham Khalil had a very successful meeting with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Cairo, Egypt on the 8th of September.

Meeting with the Ministry of Youth and Sports is considered a major milestone for our project Y-LEAD, since Y-LEAD is aiming on capacitating more youth to engage actively in shaping the developments on the local level. Therefore, gaining their support is considered to be a huge step forward to achieving the project’s set goals.

Y-LEAD participants are youth under 35 from different governorates who are ready to challenge those social norms that limit their full participation in the public sphere. Thus the support from the ministry will help broaden our scope of work as well as increase our range of participants across Egypt.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports are very much enthusiastic about Y-LEAD since the main goals of our project are in line with the Ministry’s effort and programs. And as always, we are trying to coordinate our efforts with official agendas.

Y-LEAD is a thriving project that aims at promoting social leadership through inclusive participation of youth in the public sphere.  And this will result with greater social cohesion and a more change-friendly environment. Therefore, we appreciate the support we are getting form the Ministry of Youth and Sports, because it encourages us to go further with our work.