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Rush Hour in Kyrgyzstan

Our work in Kyrgyzstan has intensified in the last weeks. We have conducted three workshops in July and will be back in the beginning of August.

Maidan’s Hidden Memories

A new project comes with new challenges. Last week we had the first meeting with our participants and we assured the co-financing. So we are ready to go.

Bribania – a simulation game on corruption

The phenomenon of corruption and how to fight it

Our Assistant: Esther-Maria Rohde

Esther will join our team until the end of September

The realization of the vision for Egypt 2025 continues

Since 2012 we are cooperating with CDS, Egypt, mostly focusing on empowering young people and civil society with youth participants from all over Egypt representing all sectors of the society.


Office Renovation

CRISPies are working all together to renovate CRISP

Open House Day

CRISP is waiting for you - Save the date

8. September 2017 !

Gratitude for the contribution

Buerostuhl24 supported CRISP with 3 wonderful chairs

Integrating Refugees – but how?

For years the issue of migration and its related fields is one of our main topics in the area of civic education. We now had the opportunity to again implement our Simulation Game “Taberlingen” which deals with the question of how to organize the...

what makes a good trainer?

In the framework of CRISP long-term project „Peace and Conflict Consultants“ (PCC) the Azerbaijani team delivered their first local workshop on 27-28 May with 30 participants in Shaki, Azerbaijan.

Lessons Learned

Since 2015, we are cooperating with the Academy for Conflict Transformation of the forumZFD in Germany. The academy trains (young) professionals who want to increase the efficiency of their efforts in the field of peacebuilding and conflict...

Asante sana to all our Kenyan partners and friends!

Social Dialogue Ambassadors - Countering Violent Extremism in Kenya through Youth Involvement