Training of Trainers

Due to our experiences we are highly convinced of the potentials of the method of simulation gaming. Anyhow it has not got really rampant in educational contexts until today. This is mainly the case, as the efforts to create a simulation game are noteworthy.

Introduction, Implementation and Evaluation

We give you an introduction to the method in general, give you the guidlines for the development of simulation games and assist you in the development of your personal simulation game. Here we give input and guidance for the design of scenarios, the creation of different actors, in order to "balance" the different interests and share with you our experiences regarding rules and procedures.

Furthermore this includes also how to design the preparation phase of the simulation game, how to successfully implement it and how to design evaluation tools, in oder to reach a maximum learning benefit on behalf of the participants.

Target Group

The main target group for these trainings are other trainers from the field of non-formal education, as well as teachers and lecturers from the field of formal education and other civil society organizations. 


Usually we organize Trainings-of-Trainers upon request. The number of participants per training is usually between 8 and 12. If you are interested feel free to write us an Email and to get in touch with us. Contact us!