Conflict Transformation


Conflict Transformation

Learning Goals

All simulation games listed here, aim to achieve the following general learning goals, furthermore, each simulation game has also specific learning objectives.

Social and political conflicts are characterized by pressure to act, incomplete knowledge about all the elements, and by interactive processes. In CRISP simulation games these dynamics are often experienced.

In our simulation games the participants can distance themselves from their own position through assuming the role of another character; in this way they undergo a change of perspective and can overcome communication barriers. Through this process, a strong basis for further cooperation emerges.

In CRISP simulation games the participants learn to work out innovative and constructive solutions, to comprehend different perspectives through the role-playing character and to deal with other points of view through negotiations.

Overview: Conflict Transformation

Here you find an overview of those simulation games that were developed by us. All of them we've tested and implemented serveral times. In case you are interested to implement one of these simulation games, feel free to contact us.

UNO 2.0 - Security Council Reform

What are the interests and ideas of the UN on how to ensure world peace and its possibilities for reform?

Bribania - Fighting Corruption

Focusing on different strategies how to reduce corruption on national and local level.