During the last years we have developed several simulation games for other institutions or organizations. The actual design of a simulation game requires a lot of efforts and further needs profound experience regarding the adjustment of the different game components, in order to create a simulation game that offers an ideal learning curve to the participants.

We very much enjoy to adjust the method to new topics or target groups and include particular needs. Contact us and get your tailor-made simulation game.

Why Simulation Games?

If you are working on a complex topic, including interpersonal relations, you should consider employing a simulation game, in order to: use it as a social laboratory, allow others to experience several significant factors within one method, and find innovative and alternative answers to your questions, due to the riskfree environment.

Once the simulation game is available it can be implemented repeatedly, its different results can be compared and can give even deeper insights regarding target-group, or topic, etc.

What Kind of Simulation Games?

Depending on the overall goal and the target group, the main focus may be decision-making processes, policy developments, actor constellation analysis, or behavioral and conflict dynamics.

The corresponding format varies from simulations of negotiation-settings or conferences, to complex simulations with up to 40 actors, lasting several days.