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Advanced Training in Peace Project Design

We are steadily progressing in the Kyrgyz project

Newsletter July 2019

As usual we have been quite busy over the last three months.

Training for International Diplomats

Simulation game about religious extremism

Advanced Training of Conflict Transformation

The fourth year of CRISP´s engagement in Kyrgyzstan has successfully begun

Project Documentation Peace and Conflict Consultants Kyrgyzstan

Project Documentation of our 'Peace and Conflict Consultant' project in Kyrgyzstan got published.

Evaluation Seminar in Kyrgyzstan

To wrap up the 2018 Peace and Conflict Consultants project, an evaulation seminar was held in Bishkek.

Peace and Conflict Consultants Kyrgyzstan: 2nd Seminar

26 Kyrgyz participants gathered again to develop peacebuilding initiatives for their communities.

Evaluation and Reflection in Bishkek

As our activities in the frame of the cooperation with DVV Kyrgyzstan are coming to an end, we have conducted an evaluation and reflection seminar in Bishkek to review the initiatives implemented in the past four months.

Peace and Conflict Consultants Kyrgyzstan

In June, 26 Kyrgyz participants started their training to become Peace and Conflict Consultants.

Youth and Religion in Kyrgyzstan

CRISP and GIZ continue their cooperation in Kyrgyzstan for a second year. A workshop for developing a simulation game on the topic of religion marked the beginning of the consultancy.

Wrapping up peace initiatives in Kyrgyzstan

The third year of the project "Peaceful Dialogue in Kyrgyzstan" has come to its end. We discussed the progress and the eleven activities facilitated by the participants

10 years of CRISP

We almost cannot believe it ourselves, but calendars are not lying and a look in the mirror also proves it: CRISP is 10. It has been an amazing journey and looking back brings up plenty of moments we will never forget.