CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.



Late Summer Party

CRISP celebrated its late summer party

Training for Diplomats from Latin America and the Caribbean

CRISP held a simulation game on regional integration for a group of diplomats from Latin America and the Caribbean

Simulation "Dear Mr. President" conducted with IPS participants

The simulation game "Dear Mr. President" was conducted with scholars from the International Parliament Scholarship of the German Bundestag participants.

Quo vadis Ukraine?

Simulation Game at the European Academy Sankelmark

Newsletter July 2019

As usual we have been quite busy over the last three months.

Seminar on Complexity Management in Thüringen

Twelve state employees learned about complexity theory and management.

Berlin Summer Dialogue 2019 - The role of external actors in the MENA region

From 18th - 19th of June, CRISP participated in the “Berlin Summer Dialogue 2019 Post-Conflict Reconstruction: A Window of Opportunity? The role of external actors in the MENA region”

Quo vadis Ukraine?

High experts group tried to answer the question, where Ukraine is going in light of the election year

New Simulation Game "Dear Mr. President"

CRISP developed simulation game on autocrats for the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

Training for International Diplomats

Simulation game about religious extremism

Implementing the Simulation Game: SIMigration

CRISP has cooperated with the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, (DHBW) in Heidenheim to implement the Simulation Game, SIMigration, for students of Social Management.

Documentary: Hidden Memories

The video-documentary about our project HIDDEN MEMORIES, an audio-installation that contributes to the culture of remembrance regarding the events on Maidan in Kyiv in 2013/14.