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Introducing Robert Schirmer

Our organization is glad to welcome Robert Schirmer, our new intern from Hertie School in Berlin. He received a Bachelor degree in Politics and Sociology. He did research on the interplay of migration, education and conflicts as well as was paying...

CRISP’s Trainings are also available offline for Institutes worldwide

Since 2020, we have been focusing on delivering online trainings and we have expanded our online offers portfolio in 2021. Now we offer our courses offline for Goethe Institutes worldwide

Vacant places for our simulation game workshop on the practical application of methods of conflict transformation!

There are new places available for our upcoming workshop "Working in Conflict-Sensitive Contexts - Methods of Conflict Transformation in their Practical Implementation". The two-and-a-half-day workshop conveys the basics of conflict transformation...

Introducing Nicolas Soto

With years of NGO experience in Chile, working in the field of human rights, as well as the criminal and juvenile justice systems, Nicolas Soto joins CRISP. 

His role here will focus mainly on supporting our current project in Chile aimed to...

Those who helped are left alone

The images currently reaching us from Afghanistan are disturbing. However the current debates don’t reflect the full extent of the German withdrawal. Local partners who were not active as so-called “local staff” are probably hoping in vain for easier...

Job Advertisement - TRAINEE

We are looking for a new trainee starting in September/October 2021

CRISP Online Trainings – New Courses Available!

We are glad to inform that we have significantly expanded our online offers portfolio in 2021 and are ready to welcome you in the courses’ sessions.

Internal Monitoring 2021

Nearly half of 2021 has already passed, as well as several months after our annual Strategy Meeting – high time to check up where we are with our plans and ambitions.

CRISP Annual Report of 2020

What a year. 2020 was challenging and in many ways extraordinary. We had to pause, to re-program, to adapt to the virtual space and to relaunch our activities. We sincerely hope you and your family and friends are fine.

Introducing Tyt Andreiev

The new year begins with one more EVS volunteer at our organization. In February we welcomed Tyt – our volunteer from Ukraine. Tyt is a graduate in Ukrainian law. During his study at the university, he has participated in many national and...