CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.



"El Koudia" - A simulation game in Morocco

In close cooperation with the local office of GIZ in Morocco we developed the simulation “ El Koudia” which deals with the challenges and potentials of integrating migrants into the Moroccan society

Simulation Game on the conflict in "Syria"

In cooperation with our Partner Al Sharq we conducted a simulation on the conflicts in Syria for the „Heinrich Böll Foundation“.

The realization of the vision for Egypt 2025 continues

Since 2012 we are cooperating with CDS, Egypt, mostly focusing on empowering young people and civil society with youth participants from all over Egypt representing all sectors of the society.


Seminar on European Migration Policy in Morocco

On invitation by the Heinrich-Boell Foundation in Morocco we implemented our Simulation Game "SIMigration" for civil society representatives who are working on the topic of migration.

Values at stake

This has never been done before: currently we are developing a simulation game that is aiming to promote a more value-based behavior among people in Egypt. After developing the „Vision for Egypt 2025“ our main goal became to encourage others to...

Foundation of the Simulation Club Egypt

Since the early days of CRISP simulation games have been at the core of our work. Therefore, we are even more delighted to hear that as a result of our work the Simulation Club Egypt has been founded.

Egypt – A Vision for Egypt 2025

Beginning of June we had in Egypt the midterm Evaluation Seminar of our Project –A Vision for Egypt 2025. We evaluated the Simulation Game ‘’El Wasaaya’’ that we designed together with the participants in April.

A Vision for Egypt 2025

Info-Tour and Kick-off Seminar