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On 13th and 14th of December 2017, CRISP had a 2 days Simulation Game (SIMIGRATION) with 40 young people aged from 16 to 19 from Germany, Poland and France together in Krzyżowa in order to learn and exchange ideas about Europe and the EU.

As a part of “Together for Europe” Project, young people from Western and Eastern Europe, from old and new member states of the EU took part in our Simulation game “Simigration” to sensitize the students about the issues around migration on EU and community level. It gave them an insight into the social, economic and political conflicts that are inherent to them and in a playful way raised awareness about the importance and opportunities for cooperation and dialogue regarding the topic. 

By the end of the simulation game, the evaluation took part where the students shared their experience and reflected upon the complex dynamics of migration policies. They also learned to understand the reasoning behind political decisions, and what effects they have on a local level for individuals.

Due to the evaluation modules, the participants will also discuss delicate questions, such as who has a legal or moral right to enter the EU and how the laws and procedures could be adjusted among the member-states and according to the needs of the EU-Population, as well as to the needs of migrants.