Conflict transformation training with diplomats from the Western Balkans

In the scope of the training for international diplomats (German Federal Foreign Office) in Berlin, CRISP has implemented the Simulation Game, Kodori, dealing with conflict transformation for diplomats from the Western Balkans.

In the context of a training for international diplomats organized by the German Federal Foreign Office, CRISP implemented a simulation game “Kodori”, dealing with conflict transformation. For two days, diplomats from the Western Balkans had the chance to slip into the roles of different stakeholders within a post conflict situation and negotiate the future of their country. The participants were introduced to different theories and approaches to conflict transformation, which they practically applied during the simulated peace negotiations. The simulation offered the opportunity to relate the theory of conflict transformation to the problems involved in the resolution of an intrastate and interethnic conflict. All participants made a great effort to change their perspectives and to engage in the practice of negotiation and mediation.