CRISP has successfully developed a simulation game aiming to solve socio-environmental conflicts in Bolivia

The simulation game “Terra Incognita” (TI) will be part of GIZ Bolivia’s training course on transformation of socio-environmental conflicts.

The simulation game takes place in the fictional country of Bosconia, illustrating the conflicts between people of different ethnic groups and affiliations on how to make use of the unpopulated land of TI. Actors of diverse role profiles and different perspectives on land gather at the 1st National Unity Conference (NUC) to reach an agreement on the legal status of TI. This will be defined through three phases: 1. Needs assessment 2. Finding solution 3. Finding agreement.
Several issues are tackled throughout the simulation game, including indigenous and non-indigenous land ownership rights, environmental standards versus economic development and other dynamic conflicts where participants are to employ conflict resolution, decision making and negotiation skills. Participants will also gain a critical view on cultural and social practices in relation to pragmatic political and economic actions.

The factsheet is now developed with the necessary description, procedure and objectives of the simulation game, including a map of the region. The simulation game can hold up to 25 participants and takes 1 day to implement.

The factsheet can be found here