Hidden Memories – Follow-up: new educational approach to the topic of Maidan in Ukrainian schools

We are happy to finally launch the second phase of our Ukrainian project “Hidden Memories”! Back in 2017 we developed a mobile app that offered different stories and perspectives on the events on Maidan 2013-2014 in four languages. And now it’s time for a follow-up project!

Together with our partner Kyiv Educational Centre Tolerspace and 24 Ukrainian teachers we will develop pedagogical modules that would enable usage of our application in school framework, as well as by civil society and non-formal education trainers. This is going to be an innovative and interactive tool for deep and thorough discussions on the sensitive topic of Maidan events, and it will help teachers and trainers in facilitating a dialogue where different perspectives are heard.
Within “Hidden Memories – Follow-up” project we aim at supporting educators in establishment of a safe environment where participants (pupils, students, etc.) can discuss fundamental values, develop critical thinking about the modern Ukrainian history and current events. By this we want to support peaceful dialogue, tolerance, democracy, and pluralism.

We believe our app and to-be-developed pedagogical modules will make the learning process interesting and engaging! We managed to hold a blended online-offline Kick-off Meeting and now are looking forward to implementing the first Training of Trainers. The Call for Participants from Ukraine will be launched by the end of August 2020. Follow our website and facebook for the news.