Hidden Memories on the radio

Deutschlandradio about CRISP and our app “Hidden Memories”

“12 people tell there absolutely personal stories – west-oriented, patriotic, apolitical or anti-maidan. This is about understanding perspectives and letting them equally stand side by side.” This was the conclusion of the radio feature “Kompressor” on the Deutschlandradio (one of the central radio channels in Germany) regarding our project Hidden Memories. We developed a smartphone app that provides the user with different personal stories of what happened on and beyond Euromaidan 2013/14.

Listen to the full feature here: http://podcast-mp3.dradio.de/podcast/2018/07/27/app_hidden_memories_5_jahre_euromaidan_drk_20180727_1451_fcd34860.mp3 

The journalist Eva Gutensohn tells about the smartphone app “Hidden Memories” which we created together with 20 brave participants and our partners last year. She recommends trying it out next time you are in Kyiv. You can download the app for free from the Play Store, go to Maidan and devote some time to different perspectives on the events on Maidan in 2013/14.

More information about the whole project, you can find here: http://crisp-berlin.org/activities/2017/hidden-memories-kyiv/