Interactive Ecological Education with K2Games

Games are a perfect tool to explain complex topics, such as sustainability, environment, and health in a playful and engaging manner. K2Games project combined fun and education to raise awareness of ecological issues.

Over the last couple of years, a team of more than 25 people from four European countries has developed two board games and five simulation games about different aspects of climate change and our responsibility for the future. Through this project, the team wants to make educational games accessible for youth workers and young people, supporting constructive, proactive, empowering attitudes about environmental issues that impact human health and community welfare.

These games are a powerful tool not only to educate about environmental issues, but also to see different perspectives on these challenges, and try to find possible solutions to the problems raised in them. And of course, combining the efforts to tackle climate change is crucial and is reflected in the games! For example, K2 Pioneer City is a cooperative board game in which participants have limited energy, and have to choose between removing pollution and developing the city. Here they have to discuss which approach would be best suited to achieve the common goals. A simulation game K2 Climate Negotiations allows participants to take over the role of national and international stakeholders and come up with a plan on tackling climate change locally and globally.

We invite you to explore the potential of games in education with K2Games, so check out more about our project and find all the materials on in English, German, Italian, and Lithuanian!