Morocco Revisited

For the second time we implemented our simulation “El Koudia” which deals with the challenges and potentials of integrating migrants into the Moroccan society.

We conducted the workshop in Oujda, close to Algerian boarder, with participants from different ministries, the cities administration of Tangier, Nador and Oujda as well as with representatives of civil society.

The simulation game workshop was part of the RECOMIG program of GIZ, which aims at strengthening the capacities of the above mentioned actors in the field of migration and integration. As Morocco more and more has become a country of transit and destination for a large number of migrant workers, refugees and returning Moroccans, new approaches are needed both at the social and economic as well as on the institutional and legal levels. In this context especially the cooperation between civil society and state actors is of crucial importance as common strategies has the chance to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of interventions and support structures.

In the framework of our workshop we sensitized local actors in the targeted regions about the needs and perspectives of different interest groups concerning the integration of migrants and developed ideas for multi-stakeholder cooperation between state and civil society concerning the integration of migrants.