Simulation Game Design for Police in North Rhine-Westphalia

We did the graphical realization and design of a simulation game for the Human Resource Department of the Police in North Rhine-Westphalia.

We are very happy to see that also others are applying the powerful method of simulation gaming. We were supporting the Human Resource Department of the Police in North Rhine-Westphalia in the realization of their simulation game. It was a challenging mandate, not only due to the COVID-19-Pandemic. 

The specifications of the simulation game are a bit unusual, so for instance the board of the simulation game consist of three pieces, each is DIN –A1. So the dimensions were much bigger than our usual formats. Already finding a place of production was tricky…however in the end we managed, of course. 

Furthermore, we developed 2-D elements such as houses, trees, fences and people that can be placed on the board and will facilitate a smooth implementation of the simulation game. All pieces come in a tailor-made box, including dividers that organize the content of the boxes. 

All pieces are of highest quality standards. We are very glad we were engaged to take over this challenging task. We hope for many successful implementations and are looking forward to design more (board-) simulation games in the future.