Simulation Game Development - solving socio-environmental conflicts in the Bolivian Lowlands

In cooperation with Civil Peace Service (CPS) we aim to contribute to Bolivia’s efforts in promoting sustainable and peaceful management of environmental land and resource conflicts by supplementing GIZ Bolivia’s training course on transformation of socio-environmental conflicts with a simulation game.

The Civil Peace Service (CPS) provides project funds and works with international and local experts and with local partner organizations. The program supports people in the Bolivian lowlands in their efforts to promote dialogue, human rights and peace. Conflict sensitivity and impartiality are crucially important. The activities focus on changing people’s attitudes, behaviors and relationships, which all have an influence on structures and institutions and on the culture of conflict in Bolivian society.

In this framework, CRISP develops a simulation game and trains local facilitators in the method who then conduct the game on the ground. Participants will learn how to peacefully navigate and constructively mediate conflicts related to indigenous and peasant land rights, resource extraction, public health and welfare as well as local farmer’s needs.  

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