Simulation Game Media 2.0

Our simulation games are characterized by a high level of realism. Now we have managed to upgrade the media-team of our simulation games.

To give the participants the chance to practice and test in a realistic environment, we create scenarios that are based on scientific research and real-life experiences from our target regions. In this regard we furthermore create individual actors with a personal biography and personal interests and goals, that allow the participants to get into the roles easily.

Since a while we have been experitmenting with new formats for the media-team in our simulation games. The media-team is crucial for each simulation game, as one of their tasks is to give a summary of the latest events of the simulation game to the other participants. This summary is presented in the format of a “real” news-show and streamed live from an extra room to the audience.

Now, the news-show is located in a virtual studio and thanks to a lot of greenscreen, we can create any kind of setting. Moreover everything is in HD-Quality of course. It has been tested several times and we are thrilled about our new possibilities and we are very much looking forward to the upcoming events, when we operate it and do further fine-tuning.

Many thanks to Gerrit Kraemer and his gaming experience! Without his support we would still work like in the 90ies.