Three new Policy Papers from Egypt

Beneficiaries of Y-LEAD created policy papers on the topics of Volunteerism, Women and Political empowerment.

In partnership with Assiut University; Center of Political and Strategic Studies participants partook in three workshops and created their own policy papers, based on the findings of the survey implemented in the course of Y-LEAD in 2019: Perceptions of Youth towards Community Participation

The general goal of the policy papers workshops is to come up with mechanisms and recommendations that help increase the positive participation of Egyptian youth, especially girls, in the public sphere. 

During the first workshop, participants were introduced to the methodology of developing research papers, by the end of the workshop the participants were divided into three groups each focusing on one of the main topics; Volunteerism, Women and Political empowerment. 

Throughout the second workshop, participants were given the appropriate skills and tools to construct a policy paper as points of interventions for each group were outlined as the basis for the policy papers that they are to present at the following workshop. Lastly, the third workshop was dedicated to finalizing and developing recommendations for the policy papers presented. Guest speakers were invited to provide each group with a thorough critic of the developed papers. 

After a lot of effort on behalf of the participants and our partners CDS, the three policy papers are now finalized. You can read all three of them in the link below. 

A dissemination event will take place in Assiut University once the Covid-19 restrictions are eased in Egypt. Stay tuned for the news about that event. 

Download Policy Papers: 

• Policy Paper: Promoting Young Women’s Opportunities in Egypt’s ICT Sector

• Policy Paper: Politically Empowering Youth through Information Technology

• Policy Paper: Enhancing Volunteerism in Egypt