Project Update

UN Youth Delegates Sudan: Training Week 2

We recently finished our second on-site training week of our UN Youth Delegate Program in Sudan. Together with our partner Sudia, we have further enabled the country’s first generation of UN Youth Delegates to formulate a vision and bring it to the United Nations.


After having selected 25 Youth Delegates out of a pool of over 900 applicants, the first training week already proved that the group of Youth Delegates was eager to learn and able to formulate concrete ideas and wishes for their mandate. Participants have shown tremendous interest by engaging in long-term activities introduced as homework and eagerly participating in Training Weeks 1 and 2.

The second training week in Khartoum focused on giving participants a chance to inform themselves about specific UN Agencies and their work in Sudan. These workshops were developed in the form of presentation sessions, brainstorming workshops and debates which led to fruitful insights into the work of the UN in the country. Following these debates participants were tasked with seeing how the national work of the UN in Sudan interplays with international politics and UN diplomacy in New York. We had the chance to debate with Dr. Nawal, a former Representative of Sudan at the United Nations to further understand the position of Sudan on the global stage.

What lies ahead in Training Weeks 3 and 4 is the creation of a concrete mandate for this year’s UN Youth Delegate cohort. This mandate will be established by the participants themselves and facilitated by CRISP trainers through interactive workshops and further input to guide the research process. We are excited to see what mandate the cohort will come up with and how it will be spread both nationally, through school visits and domestic internships, and internationally, through a visit of the UN Headquarters in New York.