Project Update

UN Youth Delegates Sudan: Training Week 3

In June we finished our third on-site training week of the UN Youth Delegate Program in Sudan. Together with our partner Sudia, our delegates have brainstormed ideas on a joint vision and embarked on university and school visits across the country to represent it.


After already two successful training weeks with the 25 participants of the project, Training Week 3 was a mid-way stop to reflect, analyze, and discuss. The project, which will encompass four training weeks, a visit to the UN Headquarters in New York, and a final event in winter, is thus already halfway toward completion.

The third training week, therefore, focused on giving the participants the chance to use what they had already learnt about the country and the United Nations to formulate a vision for their cohort. This process, accompanied by visits from foreign affairs experts, inputs on pitching, story-telling, and argumentative writing, dominated most of the 5 days of training. Participants had the chance to divide themselves into groups and focus on their personal strength such as creative input (for poster creation), presentation skills (to create a pitch), and writing skills (to write the mission statement).

After finishing the third training week with a reflection on their mission, it is now up to the delegates to spread their ideas across the country. Over the course of roughly 2 months, participants will travel the country and visit universities and school to inform about their mission statement and the project as a whole. We will keep you updated as soon as Training Week 4 comes along.