We have welcomed three interns in October!

Mariia has joined our team in October and will be supporting us until the end of December. A warm welcome from CRISP!

Mariia Vladymyrova is completing her LL.M program at the European University Viadrina (Frankfurt Oder). Her focus area is international public and humanitarian law. Alongside with the classical law curriculum, Mariia´s research interests cover mediation and international conflict resolution, as well as just war theory.

In particular, she focuses on the emerging legal concept of jus post bellum and the notion of justice in post-conflict periods. In her master thesis, Mariia explores various possible legal foundations for conflict resolution in the Donbas conflict. In doing so, she looks at both the legal and social side of justice, as the latter is equally important for developing inclusive strategies and achieving sustainable peace.

Before starting her education in Germany, Mariia worked as a senior officer at the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs of Ukraine. She is still engaged with civil society in her home country and seeks to remain up to date with ongoing events. Mariia  aims to further develop her professional skills in the field of peacebuilding and conflict resolution, particularly with regard to Ukraine.

Personal Focus:

International law, mediation, peace and conflict studies,

Language Skills:

Ukrainian (native L1), Russian native (L2), English (fluently), German (fluently)