what makes a good trainer?

In the framework of CRISP long-term project „Peace and Conflict Consultants“ (PCC) the Azerbaijani team delivered their first local workshop on 27-28 May with 30 participants in Shaki, Azerbaijan.

Since 2014 CRISP is running a long term project called "Peace and Conflict Consultants” (PCC) in Ukraine, Moldova and the South Caucasus. The main goal is to contribute to a professionalization of young experts in the field of peacebuilding. Our participants receive constant trainings and take over more and more responsibilities during their local implementation phases.

Currently our trainers are training local facilitators, in order to expand the outreach of the project and to increase the number of people who are joining the movement of peaceful conflict transformation. Last months the Azerbaijani team delivered their first workshop on the question: which are the criteria for a good trainer? Tackling the advantages, methods and action plan of addressing the challenges by digital storytelling.