Women Focused Networks first training in Georgia

Women participants from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan came together for the first training of the project Women Focused Networks South Caucasus.

From 21.-26.05, twenty-three women from the countries of the South Caucasus - Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan - came together in the Georgian town of Gori. All active professionally or voluntarily in the field of women´s empowerment, the women were motivated to participate in the project in order to increase their problem analysis and initiative development skills in order to improve the lives of women in their home communities. In each country two teams of women from one village and one corresponding municipal center will work together for a total of 6 teams.
At the first training the women learned problem analysis and networking skills. In the coming two months, the teams will conduct an analysis of the challenges and problems facing women in their community and will build a network of men and women who are interested in addressing the social and political limitations of women in the community.
A second training on initiative development will be held again in Gori in August.