Middle East/ Northern Africa

Nadi El Mohake becomes independent

In Alexandria, the Simulation Gamers Club (Egypt) started to constitute itself.

Since our very first activity in Egypt in 2012, we are using the method of simulation gaming. Since then we have developed a Vision for Egypt 2025 and realized numerous initiatives that contribute to the realization of that vision.

Our local trainers and facilitators organized themselves under the umbrella of Nadi El Mohake (Simulation Gamers Club, Egypt). This year we are working on transferring Nadi EL Mohake into an independent and self-sustaining entity.

Last weekend we met in Alexandria with 30 participants from 15 different governorates. Together we are working with high-speed on setting the organizational structure and finding the right legal frame. Throughout the year we will have different further activities: so will we develop two more simulation games on the 1) Political System in Egypt and on 2) Gender-Equality in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth. Together with local partner organizations in the governorates we will implement the developed simulation games and compare their results.

No doubt this is a challenging endower we started, but after the first workshop in Alex we are confident to make Nadi El Mohake operational on nationwide level until the end of the year.