International Cooperation

CRISP is a delegate to Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum was launched in 2009 to deepen and strengthen relations between the European Union (EU), its member states and six Eastern neighbours: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Its mission is to ensure effective participation of civil societies of Eastern Partnership and the EU in the process of planning, monitoring and implementation of the Eastern Partnership policy in constructive dialogue with the EU and EaP decision-makers, in the direction of the democratic transformation and European integration of EaP. The EaP CSF Re-granting scheme supported 61 projects of the EaP CSF members on the course of 2015-2018. In 2019 other 13 projects received support from EaP CSF. The projects are distributed in five Working Groups of the EaP CSF and CRISP is a member of Working Group 4, which aim is to strengthen the regional dimension, connecting the civil society with the interest and needs of wider public in the EaP countries. To read more about EP CSF please proceed by the following link:

The EaP CSF released the project “The EaP Index”. It shows where the Eastern Partnership countries stand in terms of Approximation to key EU norms and international standards and Linkage between business, civil society, citizens and governments in the EaP and EU countries. The EaP Index indicates the progress made by the six Eastern Partnership countries towards sustainable democratic development and European integration. The Index measures steps taken on the path towards good governance, including the observance and protection of democracy and human rights, sustainable development, and integration with the European Union. To download the EaP Index 2017 please follow the link:

Recently, on 27-28 of March 2019, CRISP has participated in EaP CSF public event in Brussels, “The civil society perspective: Taking stocks of achievements and looking beyond 2020 – People-to-People Contacts” that was hosted by the Czech Permanent Representation to the EU. It was discussed that more investment in training of educational staff is needed. Civil society urged to pay more attention to grass roots initiatives. In their turn, European stakeholders outlined that blending various finance resources will become essential to all CSOs in the future. The report of the meeting could be found here:


In addition, we would like to congratulate Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum with its 10 years anniversary and wish many great accomplishments in their future projects!