Women Focused Networks – Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

This CRISP project worked with women in the South Caucasus in strengthening their human rights education and in addressing women’s rights violations in their communities. The project carried the activities of its predecessor from 2019 forward by expanding the support circles the women had established.

With the support of gender-experts the country team members and the newly-involved participants were able to get acquainted with special tools and techniques aimed at a positive mindset and self-empowerment. Subsequently, in the course of the workshops, the country teams’ women developed skills of systematization methods and by applying those they ascertained their team’s strengths and weaknesses which influenced on the efficiency of their work, as well as identified and discussed issues raised during the implementation of the project under inconstant circumstances in the countries. All women of the three countries will be continuing with their individual support circles beyond the project’s end. As one Georgian participant stated: “The workshop was a new start to a new life and the first courageous step that they took after a 44-day-long war”.