CRISP is looking for a new office

We are currently looking for a new office space within Berlin.

Two new team members will join us this year and our current office is already reaching capacity. We would like to move before 1st of August. If you have suitable rooms for us, please feel invited to contact us. The office space should meet the following criteria: 

  •         Size: Between 70 and 120m²
  •         Rooms: 2-3
  •         Base rent: max 1.300€
  •         Location: Within Berlin‘s “Circle-Line” (Ringbahn) or close to it
  •         Kitchen
  •         WC with sink
  •         Good connection to public transport
  •         Dry cellar (nice-to-have)
  •         Temporary access to conference-room for up to 30 people (nice-to-have)


We are looking forward to your offer!