Publication: Annual Report 2017

We proudly present our Annual Report of 2017. Last year was quite eventful, as we contracted a new colleague, started new projects conducted workshops for several different target groups and discovered new regions. This was possible due to the great support we received from our partner, supporters and donors, for which we are thankful.

We started into 2017 with a facelift of our logo and a new website. This fresh look marked a new development stage of CRISP, including new colleagues in the CRISP-Office in Berlin, new projects, new simulation games, an upgrade of the press-technology of our simulation games (now we are streaming in HD-Quality and are using a virtual studio).

Last year we welcomed Erzsébet Lajos as new project coordinator. Since March, Erzso is involved in our projects in Kyrgyzstan and reached out to educational institutions here in Germany. Some days later our new European Volunteers Kateryna Pavlova (Ukraine) and Mohamed Ali Haggag (Egypt) arrived and joined the team. Both were supporting our projects in their home countries, but were also involved in other activities. We also had very fruitful cooperations with the interns we hosted in 2017 – many thanks to all of them for their very committed contributions.

In Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and the South Caucasus we built up on our previous projects. However, we also initiated some new activities, such as a project in Kenia in cooperation with the Robert-Bosch-Foundation, or the project Hidden Memories, where we developed together with our partners a smartphone-app, that allows deep insights on the events that took place during Maidan Revolution in Kiev 2013/14.

Together with German partner organizations, we were organizing a conference for the Foreign Ministry, which brought together all German organizations active in the framework of the Eastern Partnership and Russia program. By this we hope to contribute to a more comprehensive and efficient approach when it comes to transforming the conflicts in the region. We were also very happy to foster our cooperation with the GIZ, by implementing together three projects in Kyrgyzstan and Morocco. Also becoming a frequent partner in the International Diplomats program of the Foreign Ministry was for sure one of the highlights of the last year.

CRISP now builds on a quite a history, as we celebrated our 10th anniversary last year. For us this was another huge milestone. For 10 years now, we managed to promote the method of simulation gaming in the field of Conflict Transformation in post-conflict areas, as well as a powerful tool for civic education and scenario building. For our tenth anniversary, we asked our partners to contribute with a quote. The response rate was amazing and we very much enjoyed receiving so many nice comments on our work – thanks a lot.

We are very much looking forward to continue our work in 2018. As well as in the last ten years, we are also aiming for further cooperation with other organizations or individuals working in Conflict Transformation or Civic Education. If you are interested in our work, fell free to contact us.