Call for Applications as Researchers

We are looking for participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine to become a part of the project Peace and Conflict Consultants-2018 and contribute to the handbook and mapping, which we are going to publish this year.

Since three years young peacebuilders from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia have been trained through the program "Peace and Conflict Consultants". The project intended to improve the quality and quantity of civil conflict transformation approaches. Due to a two-fold procedure the project aimed to connect theoretical knowledge and its practical use to increase the skills of local civic actors in the field of conflict transformation.

In order to achieve sustainability and contribute to establishment of a peacebuilding infrastructure in the region we plan to produce two outputs:

Handbook: A summary and analysis of the curriculum from the previous years. The aim is to review the used approach, evaluate it and illustrate the ways to practically implement the acquired knowledge in the peacebuilding measures. The final result is going to be an empirical paper of appr. 50 pages, available in digital and printed form in unlimited access.

Mapping: An overview of the peacebuilding organizations and initiatives from the Eastern Partnership region and Russia. The aim is to facilitate a better interconnected network of peacebuilding activists in the target region. The final output should be a list of actors and activities engaged in peace work, which gives a general information about the field and serves as a base for a functioning network.

For creation of the handbook and mapping we are looking for researchers. The detailed description of the responsibilities is outlined in the annexes “I4P_Part1_Handbook” and “I4P_Part2_Mapping”.

Required profile:


Besides the gratis participation in two regional trainings and one national conference, the researchers will receive 500 EUR for the finalized work (personal contribution to the handbook AND the mapping).

Application Process:

Candidates must complete the application form ( and send their Curriculum Vitae to hello(at)


Promising candidates will be invited for a Skype-interview in the end of May 2018.


The application deadline is 15 May 2018.