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In general, we try to support social and political transformation processes. In this regard we combine different methods and tools, as well as different activities, in order to respond adequately to local needs. That's why we always start with a comprehensive conflict-analysis and define the exact outcomes and the overall impact in cooperation with local partners.

In general we are working in these two main fields: 1) Conflict Transformation and 2) Civic Education

Our work fosters trust-building between different population groups, nationalities and cultures. Increased mutual understanding, a constructive interexchange of interests and willingness to compromise are essential elements for the development of a functioning democratic system.

In our projects the participants overcome communication barriers and make better contact with the “other side”. Working together on strategies and compromises can be used as a tool for the development of trust in relationships. Through this process, a strong basis for further cooperation emerges.

Moreover, after having created a fruitful basis we engage in an open dialogue with the participants and jointly search for alternative conflict solving approaches.

We command many different methods and tools of non-formal education. We very much like to pass them on to others. Furthermore we work together with the participants to adjust those methods and tools to local needs.

In general our projects aim to increase the capacities for critical thinking among the participants. Being able to reflect, to evaluate and to assess independently is one of the key qualifications of modern citizenship. In many places our work is seen critically, but until today we have always found a way...


In order to achieve the greatest possible impact, we follow closely our own project standards. Please find an overview of the main guidelines here.

Partners / Target Group

Since our very first project we are always aiming for close with local partners. Together we design, plan and implement all activities. We design adequate activities, in which participants can gain deeper insight into political and social conflicts.

Here we focus on the creativity and the innovative capacity of the participants. During our projects the participants are requested to come up with their own problem solving approaches.

Mostly we have been working with Civil Society Activists, but we also have experience in cooperating with actors from the private sector (business) and with the administrative sector.


We have implemented a variety of different projects until today. In this regard we developed "A Vision for Egypt 2025", or developed a program to prevent Religious Extremism (Kyrgyzstan) or set up a Training Course for future Peacebuilders (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine).

We worked in uneasy circumstances and on critical topics in the past. We want to continue in our main target regions, but we are also ready to share our experience and ready for further challenges.