Citizen Participation


Learning Goals

All simulation games listed here, aim to achieve the following general learnign goals. Furthermore, each simulation game has also specific learning objectives.

the processes of urban development are quite complex and thus easily accesible for every citizen. Therefore our simulation games allow the participants to better understand the relevant factors and thus empower them to actively engage in the future develpment of their town or city.

most of us have an idea to what extent our direct environment should change, in order to increase our living conditions, but not everything can be realized at the same time. Together with the participants we develop possible scenarios how to combine all interests and design a possible future scenario.

Overview: Participation & Urban Development

Here you find an overview of those simulation games that were developed by us. All of them we've tested and implemented serveral times. In case you are interested to implement one of these simulation games, feel free to contact us.


Local Council Elections in Egypt. Finding and designing creative solutions for everyday challenges related to access and availability of public services.

National Youth Policy

How to design a National Youth Policy (NYP)? Focussing on four areas: Economic Participation, Education, Political Participation and Social Cohesion.

Integration in Taberlingen

How to accomodate and integrate refugees from Africa and the Arab World in Germany?

Mi comuna, mi país: Los Álamos

Allowing to use and test the existing mechanism for citizen participation in Chile.


How citizens can be included in decision-making processes on local level?


What does "sustainable development" actually mean and how could/should it look like on municipality level?

Energy Transition

What are the most influencing factors when it comes to energy transition and how can the ocurring conflicts be solved?

Accountability on Community Level

What does accountability actually mean and how to hold local politicians accountable?