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Synergies - Egyptian and German Peacebuilders

This project aims to create collaborations and opportunities for discussion with Egyptian and German Peacebuilding organizations on different peacebuilding and conflict resolution methodologies used in Egypt

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26.06.2022 – 31.09.2022


15  Egyptian governorates




Peace building youth in Egypt

This project aims to create opportunities for learning exchanges and collaborations between Egyptian and German Peacebuilding organizations

A study tour was conducted by our former CCP Fellow, Khalil El Masry, across different 15 Egyptian governorates to identify local constructive approaches to conflict management that go beyond the western methods. Furthermore, an online course was implemented by our partner tackling topics such as inner peace and resilience among youth.  After collecting outcomes and findings from these activities, we found that the methodologies found, and topics discussed are incredibly beneficial and would be very useful to replicate.

Consequently, this project aims to discuss the findings from the study tour and the online course with relevant German peacebuilding organizations to collaboratively evaluate the results and extract the most efficient techniques that could possibly be replicated.

The extracted methodologies and discussions will subsequently be put together and disseminated in an event in Egypt celebrating International Peace Day; where CRISP and relevant stakeholders and Egyptian youth will be attending.

Project Goals 

The project aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Foster a relationship between German and Egyptian Peacebuilding organisations where expertise of conflict transformation and peacebuilding are shared symbiotically
  • Raise awareness on customary conflict transformation and peacebuilding methodologies used in Egypt
  • Improve trainings for peacebuilding and conflict transformation implemented globally by leveraging the methodologies extracted from Egypt and replicating it in different contexts
  • Expand our network and create a strong multiple-hub network with different peace-building organizations to prepare for possible further cooperation 
Target Group 

Relevant German and European peace building organisations, communities in the search for more alternative conflict transformation methodologies, participants of the online inner peace course and attendees of the international peace day 


The project consists of 4 core activities.

Firstly, introductory online meetings will take place between relevant partners; with OFAJ (Office of French & German Youth Exchange) and other organizations in Europe to introduce the rationale of the project and its activities.  Through this activity, we aim to build stronger multiple-hub networks.

Secondly, visits to the European partners by the Egyptian partner to Berlin to share his experience with CRISP and discuss ways of expanding and implementing the project in different contexts within Europe. Discussions on study tour findings and the online course will be conducted to extract pertinent methodologies that can be replicated in the west. In addition to relaunching the course developed under the CCP fellowship within this project. This activity also works as an opportunity for networking to build strong synergies between Egyptian and German peacebuilding organizations. 

Following the outcomes of the above discussions, a report will be developed highlighting the Egyptian local traditions and practices fostering peace that can be used as best practice reference that can replicated in different contexts globally.

Finally, an event will take place in Egypt celebrating International Peace Day to disseminate the findings of the trip in the presence of CRISP and relevant stakeholders.


This project would achieve to advance best practices in the field of Peacebuilding on a global scale. Through the dissemination of the customary set of peacebuilding and conflict transformation practices with relevant German organizations, a dynamic multiple-hub network will be developed further cultivating local but comprehensive conflict resolution practices.


This project was designed and implemented in close cooperation with


This project is funded by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen)