We support social and political transformation processes. Therefore we devlelop tailor-made projects and implement them in close cooperation with our local partners. In this regard we combine different methods and tools, as well as different activities, in order to respond adequately to local needs. 

We have implemented numerous projects facilitating international understanding, strengthening local civil societies, training local conflict consultants, and much more. We are used to work in fragile environments and we have developed a conflict-sensitive approach that has allowed us to implement impactful projects in different regions in the world. 

We have created tailor-made tools and have developed methodological approaches that are used by our partners until today. We are very eager to become part of further conflict transformation processes and to support those with our expertise and experience.  


Most of our projects aim to motivate people to become engaged and to actively shape social or political change. A vivid and dynamic civil society is crucial to our understanding of "functioning" democracies.

That's why we have built capacities of partners and participants to be more capable of participating in public life. Moreover, the simulation game method has proven time and again how powerful it is for understanding complex contexts, but also for practicing democratic discourse in a practical way. 

Please get inspired by our previous projects and do not hesitate to contact us. 


We all together are facing the global challenge of slowing down Climate Change and adapting our way of life. This is why we have to answer some urgent questions.

How habitable our planet will be in the future? How will this affect all our societies and how can we prepare for that? How can we reduce our carbon-footprint and how can we ensure energy security? We are finding answers to these questions via our projects in close cooperation with our partners from the global south.


How does international politics actually work? This is a question that many people find difficult to answer. At the same time, however, there is an urgent need for national actors to consult and coordinate much more closely with others stakeholders from the region and internationally. 

That is why we develop and implement projects that aim to explain the mechanisms and dynamics of international politics. Furthemore, our projects in this field also pursue to create strong networks of civil society organizations and state actors. 


We all need to adapt to ever-changing challenges. Advancing digitalization is constantly creating new opportunities that need to be explored and made usable. Moreover, new scientific findings also have to find their way into practice. 

Especially in the fields of peacebuilding and conflict transformation we do see the urgent need for professionalisation and further qualification. This is especially true in the NGO-sector where resources are usually very limited.

In our leadership curricula we do train diplomats, management staff, activists and others in conflict analysis, problem solving and scenario development. 


Due to our experience in civil conflict transformation, we have discovered how much potential good urban development can have for managing local conflicts. 

With this in mind, we have developed and implemented processes for increased citizen participation in Berlin. We have also developed playful methods for administrative staff and practitioners to better understand the complex field of urban energy regeneration.