CRISP - Project


Solving socio-environmental Conflicts in Bolivia

In cooperation with Civil Peace Service (CPS) we developed a tailor-made simulation game and this way contributed to Bolivia’s efforts in promoting sustainable and peaceful management of environmental land and resource conflicts. 

Quick facts


01.07.2020 - 30.11.2020


La Paz, Bolivia


12-20 local trainers that are prepared

to implement the simulation game.

The Civil Peace Service (CPS) provides project funds and works with international and local experts and with local partner organizations. The program supports people in the Bolivian lowlands in their efforts to promote dialogue, human rights and peace. Conflict sensitivity and impartiality are crucially important. The activities focus on changing people’s attitudes, behaviors and relationships, which all have an influence on structures and institutions and on the culture of conflict in Bolivian society.

In this framework, CRISP developed a simulation game so local consultants can test and train their conflict management skills. Further we trained local facilitators in the method who conduct the simulatoin game independently on the ground. 

Project Goals

The simulation game will provide the participants with the adequate space to test those skills they have been introduced to before. These are in particular (by module): 

  • Role and Impact of a mediator (self-reflection) 
  • Understanding the context of social-environmental conflicts on national and international level. 
  • Conflict Analysis (Methods (PINT, Mapeos, others)
  • Theoretical Background
  • Planning/developing interventions
  • Understanding the processes of dialogue - Training in Communication Skills
  • How to overcome “power-gaps” in socio-environmental conflicts
  • Strategies of multi-actor-conflict-transformation
  • Intervention Strategies
  • Presentation of Final Results (by participants)

Due to their participation in a Training-of-Trainers, local facilitators gained all the tools to conduct and evaluate the simulation game on a wider scale This paves the way for an optimized learning experience of the final beneficiaries: 

In the end, participants gained the opportunity to practice their skills and knowledge in a safe environment and solidify their abilities. The beneficiaries get a better feeling for conflict dynamics and structures and how they manifest in interpersonal relationships. The simulated conflict environment intensifies this experience and prepares the beneficiaries for their tasks as conflict mediators in the field. 

Target Groups

The simulation game is tailor-made for the local pragramm "Diplomado en Transformación de Conflictos Socioambientales". So students have an innovative and powerful method to test their skills and get best possible prepared for the challenges they face on the ground.

Therefore, we train 12 – 20 Bolivian Civil Peace Trainers to use the developed simulation game adequately. 


This service is provided for GIZ Bolivia (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) in the framework of the Civil Peace Service (CPS),  which operates with resources provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)