We have always tried to pass on our knowledge and experience from our projects to others. That is why we have developed and implemented various training formats for diplomats, management staff, civil society actors and others. 

In order to support the colleagues in civil conflict transformation, we are very keen to develop suitable training formats. A general professionalisation of the field is necessary. 

Especially at the local level there is a lot of motivation for change - with the right strategies and tools a lot can be achieved. 

We have already conducted our multi-level training programme Peace & Conflict Consultants (PCC) in several of our target regions. 


In our work, it is of utmost importance to consider non-intended effects of our activities, to identify risks and to respond adequately. In doing so, we are guided by the Do-No-Harm principle. 

Likewise, we also want to play our active part in preventing racism from spreading in our societies. 

In various training formats, we support others to critically reflect on their activities and to develop creative and effective solutions. 


Even before the COVID pandemic, we offered our trainings online. We are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this format. 

Besides the content, the ecological dimension also plays an important role for us and we are very happy to be able to come together so easily with our participants from all over the world. 

Like the trainings, our simulation games can also be conducted online.