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CRISP Online Trainings

Based on our experience in different contexts, we set up a wide range of comprehensive online trainings.

We have 3 bigger thematic areas, each of them consisting of several trainings. Each training includes 3-4 sessions of approx. 2-2.5 hours. We support our participants throughout the whole training, as well as provide feedback to home assignments.
For our online trainings, we are using tools that are both easy to use and comprehensive at the same time. Our methodological background being experience-based tools, we implement our online formats as interactive and inclusive as possible, with space for exchange between participants.
You can find an overview of each training below and in our new online offers brochure – and we hope to see you in one of our upcoming courses!

1. Conflict Transformation
Working with conflicts or in conflictual environments is a challenging task, which demands a variety of competencies. Having worked on peaceful conflict transformation in different regions of the world, we would like to share our insights with other practitioners and those interested in the field.
The courses are connected to each other, but can also be booked separately. We offer the following trainings: Introduction to Peaceful Conflict Transformation; Systemic Conflict Analysis; Project Design; Do No Harm; Colonial Continuities in Development Work; Dialogue Methods.

2. Simulations Games
We focus on an experience-oriented learning approach and therefore use simulation games as a political laboratory. It offers a risk-free environment and a chance to test alternative ideas that can then be applied in reality with greater certainty about their effects. The method is a great tool to discover new perspectives, understand complex problems, and further think about a given topic.
Here we invite you to join one of the following trainings: Online Simulation Games on Different Topics; Training on Simulation Game Facilitation (Training of Trainers); Training on Simulation Game Design.

3. Country Studies
Having worked in various countries in the last decade, each with a unique history, actors, dynamics, and contexts, we felt the need for qualitative introduction into the local contexts to support international actors in their efforts. Country studies trainings were developed in close cooperation with our local partners and thus give insights into conflict lines and valid analysis of their causes and effects.
The country study sessions can be either booked as a built-in module of our online course on Peaceful Conflict Transformation or as an individual module. We cover the following countries: Ukraine; Egypt; Bosnia and Herzegovina; El Salvador; Jordan; Morocco.

As an individual, you have the possibility to register your interest (non-binding) for a course. We’ll inform you then as soon as the official registration process starts. All our online courses include a fee for individuals of 180 €.
As an institutional customer, you can book a full course, which we will run for your target group. Just approach us and we’ll provide you with a tailor-made offer.
If you are interested in any of our offers, please send us an email indicating the specific course you want to get involved with, by clicking here.