Digital Solutions

We have developed various digital methods while staying true to our playful approach. We use the new and evolving possibilities of digitalisation to create deep learning experiences. 

Using smartphones for learning purposes is trending and many people are using apps to learn. However, in the fields of conflict transformation or civic education there is only a very limited number of apps available. 

We have created different apps for smartphones and we are very much aware of the potentials of this digital learning apporach, as well as of the technical challenges.

Until today, we developed and realized the app "Hidden Memories", an interactive audio-walk in Kyiv to better understand the events of the Euromaidan 2013/14. Just like the simulation game made for first-voters to simulate elections and the subsequent coalition building process in Germany. 


Of course we have transferred our simulation games to the virtual space. Almost all our simulation game are available as an online version.  

However, we have developed further online learning tools. Among them the very first online course for "Peace and Conflict Consultant" in Arabic; an online-training-course on resilience, an online peacebuilding quiz and others. 

We are amazed by our new outreach and hope to be able to realize more activities in this field.