CRISP - Project


The PEACEGAME (Principles of Peace)

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Principles for Peace Foundation to use peacegaming in their efforts to reshape global peacebuilding strategies.

Quick facts
DURATION01.07.2023 Until 30.06.2024
PARTICIPANTSSenior experts, govermental representatives, civil society organisations, conflict stakeholders
Project Goals

The “Principles for Peace" is a global collaborative initiative consisting of over 120 organizations operating within the Humanitarian-Development-Peace nexus. After a comprehensive two-year process of data collection and analysis, a collection of eight principles for peace has been formulated. These principles serve as both a standardized benchmark and a shared framework for supporting peace-related endeavors.

Target Group(s)

The Peacegames will cater to a diverse audience, including government representatives, experts in peace and conflict resolution, and key stakeholder representing different factions involved in the addressed conflicts. It also extends its reach to the broader global community interested in understanding, promoting, and sustaining peace through the lens of the eight principles.

Planned Outcomes/Achievements

The Peacegames will be used in a threefold way. First of all we will be running simulations during high-level conferences to promote the principles and showcase their applicability for enhancing peace processes. Secondly, we will work with stakeholders in conflict situations to test and evaluate intervention strategies. Thirdly, we will be using the Peacegames to accompany playbooks developed by the Principles for Peace foundation.


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