Project Update

Peacegaming at the EU Peace Mediation Summit in Brussels

CRISP in cooperation with the Principles for Peace (P4P) foundation,  conducted a peacegame during the EU Community of Practice (CoP) on Peace Mediation event in Brussels, offering participants a playful insight into the P4P framework.

In our first public event with the Principles for Peace (P4P) foundation we conducted a tailor-made peacegame at the EU Peace mediation COP in Brussels. 

Using the Principles for Peace (P4P) as a guiding framework, the simulation game confronted the participants with a post-conflict situation, in which an initial Peace Agreement failed to live up to its promises. In the game scenario, the key stakeholders convene six months after the first agreement to critically reflect on the provisions and their implementation. With the help of the Principles for Peace they try to find common ground in the analysis and agree on a way forward for a more comprehensive agreement.

High level representatives from the international Peace Mediation community took part in the workshop and commonly reflected afterwards on the benefits and challenges of using the P4P framework in conflict mediation processes.