New Project

Peacegames in cooperation with the Principle for Peace Foundation

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Principles for Peace Foundation to use peacegaming in their efforts to reshape global peacebuilding strategies.

The “Principles for Peace" is a global collaborative initiative consisting of over 120 organizations operating within the Humanitarian-Development-Peace nexus. After a comprehensive two-year process of data collection and analysis, a collection of eight principles for peace has been formulated. These principles serve as both a standardized benchmark and a shared framework for supporting peace-related endeavors.

The Peacegames developed by CRISP will showcase the interconnections between the eight principles of the Peacemaking Covenant, highlighting the importance of applying them in relevant processes. The impact of Peacegames goes beyond mere learning. It will be utilized by governments, experts, and conflict stakeholders to test strategies and evaluate their effectiveness through the prism of the Covenant's framework in real-life situations.

Following up on our kick-off meeting in Geneva we will develop formats that will be applied in high-level conference meetings as well as for the testing intervention strategies for various country contexts. All simulations will be collaboratively developed with stakeholders from the involved countries, ensuring that the material aligns with identified needs and the situation on the ground.