Project Update

Highlights from the 1st Regional Training in South Sudan

The 1st Regional Training in South Sudan empowered delegates to address youth challenges, fostering collaboration and advocacy for regional youth aspirations.

The first day of the 1st Regional Training in South Sudan was filled with anticipation and excitement. Delegates from diverse backgrounds quickly got to know each other, sharing introductions that highlighted their unique journeys and perspectives. They explored the history and goals of the African United Nations Youth Delegates program, emphasizing the important role of partner organizations like UNA Uganda and UNA Ethiopia. Throughout the day, participants embraced various educational methods, gaining practical insights and a renewed sense of purpose.

The second day focused on real-world issues facing youth, particularly Youth Unemployment and Participation. Guided by mentors from the SDGs Kenya Forum, participants discussed strategies based on insights from the National Educational Assessment. They stressed the importance of ongoing dialogues on youth-related issues and turning lessons into actionable plans.

Day three involved participants grappling with significant global documents guiding youth engagement, such as the United Nations Secretary General's Policy Brief and the Youth Resolution. They committed to closing the gap between policy and action, pledging to create plans addressing critical issues like Youth Participation, Unemployment, and Peace and Security.

On the penultimate day, participants deepened their understanding of policy documents and planned their next steps. Through reflective exercises, they identified individual and collective gaps, setting the stage for effective collaboration and knowledge sharing. Guided by mentors like Lew Töpfer, participants improved their ability to identify key points and use available resources effectively.

The final day highlighted inclusivity and collaboration as delegates welcomed esteemed Youth Fellows from South Sudan. Engaging in lively discussions, participants incorporated diverse perspectives and refined outreach strategies. They embraced suggestions from the Youth Fellows, committing to promoting inclusivity and mutual respect. With support from government officials, participants left with renewed energy, prepared to advocate for the aspirations of young people in the region.